Locally Owned & Operated

Ogden & Adams Lumber takes pride in being a locally owned and operated company. We sell to the walk in customer as well as the remodeling contractor and new home builder. This website will give you a good overview of our company. Please bounce around the site. We have quite a bit of information posted. We do a monthly newsletter and send it to our customers in their monthly statement. The most recent newsletters are posted on this web site. I try to add a little humor with a joke or two on the bottom.

Please stop in and see us soon in our large showroom where each office is built with a variety of woods and door styles!!!! We offer over 5000 square feet of windows, doors, and cabinets on display.

We are the Pros in Building Materials and Service

The big boxes really compete with us, not the other way around. We welcome the walk-in customer. Although the majority of our business comes from the professional re-modeler and home builder, we work very well with and welcome the walk in do-it-yourself customers.

Our Products & Service

Our material quality is better and our prices competitive with even the big box stores. We’ve been doing this business since 1913. That’s over a hundred years! Special Order products are common with us. You don’t have to modify what’s “on-the-shelf.” We order what you need.

What separates us from our competitors is our attitude; friendly and helpful. We are willing to help people that have no idea what they are looking for or where to begin. We take care of issues. We want the customer to remember us.

You may only be buying a small piece of wood today, but the next time you come in it may be to build a house.

When there is a problem with a product purchased from us we make the effort to go to the home and take care of the problem. Others just tell you to bring the product back. Pretty hard to do with a patio door that’s partially installed!

Come Visit our Showroom!

Our five thousand square foot showroom is a giant display of windows, cabinets, interior doors, and trim. Even the offices are done in different woods and colors.